Tips For Finding Cheap Door To Door Car Transport

Cheap Door To Door Car Transport

Wondering how to get that good bargain you can brag about to your friends and family on your door to door car transport? Well here’s how:

Cost comparison

The first thing to do when looking for cheap door to door car transport is to get cost comparisons from different transport companies. Getting quotes from at least 3-5 reputed companies will give you a good idea about average market rates.

Most transport companies will provide free quotes online. Just provide details like pickup and drop off locations, car make and model, transport date etc. Make sure to ask if the quoted price includes all fees like pickup, delivery, insurance etc. Some companies charge additional fees.

Once you have multiple quotes in hand, compare factors like total price, included services, estimated transit time, insurance coverage etc. to identify the most cost effective option. Look for special deals, discounts if available. Negotiate price if quoted fee seems high compared to competition.

Consider transporting yourself

If budget is a major concern, you can consider transporting the car yourself. This is the cheapest option but requires more effort. Reach out to friends/family in the destination city who can help with pickup/drop off. Rent a trailer or use roof racks for your own vehicle.

Map out the driving route in advance. Allow extra time for any rest stops or road delays. Check vehicle condition and have it professionally inspected before the long journey. Carry your own insurance and get an oil change/tune up for smooth travel.

Utilize transport marketplace sites

Online transport marketplaces and Facebook groups allow you to choose from multiple pre-screened transport companies and get competitive pricing. These aggregator sites display transparent upfront pricing with all fees included for easy cost comparison.

Many have dedicated apps too for quick, paperless booking. Look out for special first-time user or seasonal discounts that could lower your transport bill further. Customer reviews help identify reliable carriers.

Opt for affordable transport options

Consider open transport

Open transport, where your car travels in an open truck along with other vehicles without an enclosed chamber, tends to be more affordable than enclosed transport.

While there may be higher exposure to elements, most reputed carriers take necessary precautions like securing vehicles firmly. Choose companies with good ratings and insurance coverage if opting for open transport to reduce risks.

Book during off-peak times

Transport costs are usually higher during peak seasons like summer vacations, long weekends or festive periods when demand is higher. Consider transporting your car during off-peak weeks for lower rates.

Mid-week travel from Tuesday to Thursday is generally cheaper than weekends. January to March and September to November tend to have optimal pricing for transport throughout the year.

Request multi-car discount

Some companies provide volume-based discounts if multiple vehicles from the same customer are booked together for transport. Enquire if transporting 2-3 cars together can avail better rates per car compared to individual bookings.

You could split transport costs with friends/relatives needing to transport vehicles around the same dates and locations.

Check carrier reputation thoroughly

Cheap rates may sometimes mask hidden risks, so thoroughly research carrier reputation before finalizing bookings.

Read online reviews from third party sites, check social media pages and transport rating portals. Look for consistent positive feedback and resolution of customer issues if any.

Confirm experience in transporting vehicles of your make/model, insurance coverage details, on-time delivery track record and redressal policies clearly.

Once you zero in on top options, check for certifications from regulatory bodies when transport involves interstate movement. Finalize bookings only with highly reputed companies.

Negotiate add-on services judiciously

Some optional add-on services like extended insurance, expedited delivery, pre-travel inspection can add to your bill considerably. Evaluate if you really need them or can do without to save costs.

For example, standard liability insurance may suffice if transporting within the same state. Opting for value-added services should be based on your specific requirements, not just the sales pitch.

Negotiate or request optional service fee waivers wherever possible without compromising on quality and safety aspects.

Use transport discounts, coupons judiciously

Many carriers offer seasonal discounts, first-time user coupons or refer-a-friend programs. Thoroughly check validity periods and applicable terms before assuming additional savings.

Also enquire if quoted prices already include any such offers to avoid getting confused. Combine valid discount codes judiciously during the booking process to maximize savings.

Monitor your shipment closely

Once booked, stay in touch with the transport company for updates on pickups, placement in the delivery schedule and estimated arrival date. This helps track progress and flag delays on time for quick resolutions.

Opt-in for shipment tracking options if available from carriers. GPS tracking provides live shipping updates via app for added peace of mind.

Inspect vehicles thoroughly during delivery handovers as per the condition documented earlier. Report any discrepancy or damage claims immediately as per carrier policies.


With a bit of research and workaround, you can surely find affordable yet reliable door to door car transport options. Compare quotes, consider value-added services carefully, utilize online resources and negotiate strategically to minimize costs.

Thorough background checks on carriers and staying updated during transit further ensures a hassle-free shipping experience. With the tips covered here, you can transport vehicles economically between locations with ease.