Exploring the Convenience of Dealership-to-Dealership Car Shipping – Can It Be Done?

can dealerships ship cars to other dealerships

Are you in the market for a new car but can’t seem to find the perfect match at your local dealership? Or maybe you’re a dealer looking to expand your inventory with vehicles from other brands? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the convenience of dealership-to-dealership car shipping and answering all of your burning questions. So buckle up and get ready to discover if it’s possible for dealerships to ship cars to other dealerships. Let’s dive right in!

What is it called when you deliver cars from a dealership?

When cars are delivered from one dealership to another, it is commonly referred to as “dealer trades” or “fleet transfers.” This process allows dealerships to acquire vehicles that may not be readily available in their local market. It’s like a cross-country car exchange program!

Dealer trades typically occur when a customer requests a specific make and model that is not currently in the dealer’s inventory. Instead of turning them away empty-handed, dealers can reach out to other dealerships and arrange for the desired vehicle to be shipped over.

These transfers can happen within the same state or even across different states. The logistics of the delivery will depend on various factors such as distance, availability of transporters, and any necessary paperwork involved.

By engaging in dealer trades, both parties benefit. The receiving dealership gains access to new inventory without having to go through lengthy ordering processes or waiting for manufacturer shipments. Meanwhile, the sending dealership earns revenue by selling their excess stock while also building relationships with other dealerships.

In this interconnected automotive world in which we live today, dealership-to-dealership car shipping has become an integral part of meeting customer demands efficiently and effectively. It’s all about ensuring that customers drive off happy with their dream wheels!

Can I buy a car in one state and ship it to another?

Absolutely! In fact, it’s not uncommon for car buyers to purchase their dream vehicle from a dealership located in a different state. Thanks to the convenience of dealership-to-dealership car shipping, you can easily have your new wheels delivered right to your doorstep.

There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to buy a car from out of state. Perhaps the specific make or model you desire is only available at a particular dealership across the country, or maybe you’ve found an incredible deal that just can’t be passed up. Whatever the reason, buying a car in one state and shipping it to another is entirely possible.

Dealerships often have cars from other brands on their lots because they participate in what is known as trading or swapping inventory with other dealerships. This practice allows them access to a wider range of vehicles for their customers and helps ensure that everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for.

When it comes to actually getting your newly purchased vehicle shipped, most dealerships will arrange transportation services for you. They work with trusted auto transport companies who specialize in delivering cars safely and efficiently across long distances.

So, if you’ve set your sights on a shiny new ride that happens to be located out of state, don’t let distance deter you! With dealership-to-dealership car shipping services readily available, buying a car from one state and having it delivered straight to your door has never been easier. Happy shopping!

Why do dealerships have cars from other brands?

This is a common question that car buyers often wonder about. The answer lies in the concept of dealership trades and inventory management.

Dealerships have cars from other brands to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their customers. They understand that not everyone has brand loyalty or specific requirements for one particular make or model. By having a variety of different brands on their lot, they can offer more options and increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Additionally, dealerships engage in trades with other dealerships to balance their inventory. If one dealership has an excess of certain models while another has a shortage, they can negotiate a trade agreement to transfer vehicles between them. This helps both parties maintain optimal levels of stock without relying solely on customer purchases.

Furthermore, having cars from multiple brands allows dealerships to attract a wider range of customers. Some buyers may be interested in exploring different makes and models before making a final decision. Having various options available within one location saves customers time and effort as they can compare different vehicles side by side.

It’s all about providing choices and meeting customer demands when it comes to why dealerships have cars from other brands on their lots. Whether through trades or strategic inventory management, offering diversity benefits both the dealership and potential buyers alike!

What is a spot delivery agreement?

Dealership-to-dealership car shipping is not only possible but also a convenient option for both buyers and sellers. It allows dealerships to expand their inventory by acquiring vehicles from other brands and locations. The process involves transporting cars from one dealership to another, eliminating the need for customers to travel long distances or make complicated arrangements.

By utilizing spot delivery agreements, dealerships can streamline the shipping process and ensure a smooth transfer of vehicles. These agreements allow for temporary ownership of a vehicle before it is officially sold or transferred to another dealership, providing flexibility and convenience when it comes to moving cars between locations.

Whether you’re a car buyer looking for that perfect vehicle in another state or a dealer seeking to enhance your inventory with diverse options, dealership-to-dealership car shipping offers an efficient solution. With this service, you can enjoy the convenience of accessing a wider range of vehicles without any hassle or inconvenience.

So, next time you’re considering purchasing a car from out-of-state or are looking to expand your dealership’s offerings, remember that dealerships can indeed ship cars directly to each other! Embrace the convenience and possibilities that come with this option and explore all the choices available in different markets. Happy car shopping!


1. Increased convenience for customers who have purchased cars from a dealership far away and want to have it transferred to their local dealership.

2. Allows dealerships to better manage and keep track of their inventory by utilizing a centralized shipping system.

3. More efficient use of resources, as cars can be shipped directly from one location to another without the need for a middle man.


1. Higher expenses associated with shipping cars, as dealerships need to pay for the transport and insurance.

2. Risk of damage to vehicles during transport.

3. Additional paperwork and red tape involved in the process.


1. Can dealerships ship cars to other dealerships?

Yes, it is possible for dealerships to arrange the shipment of a car from one dealership to another. This process may involve additional costs and paperwork, depending on the distance between the two dealerships.

2. How long does it take for a car to be shipped from one dealership to another?

The length of time required for shipping a car from one dealership to another depends on the distance between the two locations and the type of transportation used. On average, it can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks for the car to arrive at its destination.

3. Who is responsible for the cost of shipping a car to another dealership?

Typically, the dealership purchasing the car is responsible for the cost of shipping. However, this can vary from dealership to dealership.

4. Are there any documents that need to be filled out when shipping a car to another dealership?

Yes, both the sending and receiving dealerships will need to complete appropriate paperwork in order to facilitate the shipping process. Additionally, the sending dealership will need to provide proof of ownership for the vehicle being shipped.

5. Is it possible to track the status of a car while it is being shipped to another dealership?

Yes, most shipping companies offer tracking services to monitor the progress of a car while it is being transported from one dealership to another.


1. Dealer-to-Dealer Car Shipping: Dealerships are able to ship cars to other dealerships, eliminating the need for a customer to drive or have the car shipped to them.

2. Professional Driver: The driver used to move the car is a professional who has experience in transporting cars across long distances.

3. Insurance Coverage: Insurance coverage is provided for the vehicle during transport, ensuring that any damages that may occur are covered.

4. Door-to-Door: The process includes door-to-door service, meaning that the car is picked up from the original dealership and delivered to the destination dealership.

5. Tracking: Dealerships are able to track the vehicle during the shipping process, allowing them to know the exact location of the car at all times.

6. Timeframe: Dealerships typically have a set timeframe for the delivery of vehicles, ensuring that they arrive on time.

7. Secure: The car is transported in a secure manner, ensuring that it is not subject to theft, vandalism, or other damage.