How much does it cost to ship a car to Hawaii from Seattle?

ship a car to Hawaii from Seattle

Shipping a vehicle from one state to another often involves working with an auto transport company ship a car to Hawaii from Seattle. When shipping a car from Seattle, Washington to anywhere in Hawaii, there are a few key factors that determine the overall cost: the type of transport service selected, if door-to-door delivery is needed, the size and weight of the vehicle being shipped, and the distance it must travel.

This article provides a detailed overview of average car shipping costs from Seattle to Hawaii and what else you need to know to plan and prepare for an interstate vehicle relocation.

Types of auto transport services

There are generally two main types of auto transport services available when shipping a vehicle from Seattle to Hawaii: enclosed and open transport.

Enclosed Transport Open Transport
– Cars are fully enclosed in a trailer for protection from weather and debris – Considered the most secure shipping method

– Cost is typically higher than open transport

– Cars are secured but exposed to elements during transport

– Prone to potential road grime and minor paint chips – Cheaper option compared to enclosed transport

For shipping between Seattle and Hawaii, enclosed transport is highly recommended since vehicles must be transported long distances over water as part of the journey. Protecting the vehicle from salt water, wind and sun is important for such a prolonged naval trip.

Door-to-door vs terminal-to-terminal delivery

Another option that influences shipping costs is whether door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery is needed. Door-to-door involves transport crews bringing the vehicle directly to and from the specified addresses. Terminal-to-terminal only provides transport between initial and final vehicle shipping terminals, requiring the customer to transport the vehicle from there. As door-to-door delivery requires more physical labor and time, it usually incurs a higher fee.

Average car shipping costs from Seattle to Hawaii

Given the long distance involved in transporting a vehicle from Seattle to any Hawaiian island, typical car shipping rates range between $1000-$3000 depending on vehicle size and exact delivery specifications. Here is a breakdown of common average pricing:

  • Standard sedan (enclosed door-to-door): $1500-2000
  • Large SUV (enclosed door-to-door): $1800-2500
  • Luxury/exotic car (enclosed door-to-door): $2000-3000
  • Enclosed terminal-to-terminal: $1200-1800

Keep in mind, costs may be higher for transporting vehicles over 15 feet long or 6000 pounds in weight. Multiple vehicles shipping together often see small discounts applied as well.

Additional fees involved – ship a car to Hawaii from Seattle

Besides the primary auto transport rates, there are also certain additional costs drivers may encounter when coordinating a cross-country vehicle move:

  • Positioning/reconsignment fees: $150-300 if pick-up/drop-off ports change
  • Origin/destination services: $150-250 per location for loading/unloading assistance
  • Valuation coverage: Around $400-600 for full loss/damage protection above carrier liability
  • Taxes/tolls/permits: Varies based on specific routes and jurisdictions passed through

Thoroughly researching all potential fees upfront helps create a full financial forecast for shipping a car between Seattle and Hawaii.

Preparing your vehicle for transport

Before turning your car over to the transport company, make sure to do the following:

  • Remove all loose items from interior/ exterior that could fall off
  • Ensure gas tank is less than 1/4 full to prevent leaks during travel
  • Properly service and inspect mechanical/electrical systems before departure
  • Attach covered note inside with your contact details
  • Take photos of existing interior/exterior damage for claim reference later

Following these best practices helps safeguard your vehicle during the extended transport period from Seattle to Hawaii islands safely and damage-free.

ship a car to Hawaii from Seattle – Parting Words:

Plan for spending anywhere from $1000 to $3000 when budgeting the cost to ship a car enclosed by auto transport from Seattle to various Hawaiian destinations.

Ensure researching transport companies, delivery options, vehicle prep requirements and any potential extra fees involved to avoid unexpected surprises.

With adequate preparation and collaboration with an experienced carrier, rest assured your treasured vehicle will traverse the picturesque open ocean scenery intact.