Tips For Students Exporting Automobiles From The U.S. Using Transportation Services

Transportation Services

If you are a student planning to transport your vehicle from the United States to your home country, this article provides helpful advice on the car export process using shipping companies Transportation Services.

Research Transportation Companies

The first step is to thoroughly research various transportation service providers that specialize in vehicle exports. Look at customer reviews, transportation methods, insurance options, estimated shipping timeframes and costs. It’s best to get quotes from multiple companies so you can compare services and pricing. Reliable companies will have many years of experience shipping automobiles internationally and positive reviews from past clients.

Transportation Services – Prepare Your Vehicle

Before arranging a pick-up date, make sure your car is properly prepared for export transport. Check that fluids are topped off, tires are in good condition and there are no major leaks or issues that could occur during transit. You may need to remove license plates and any personalized registration or insignia stickers. The transportation company will provide guidelines on preparing your vehicle for shipping.

Export Documentation Requirements

Your chosen shipping company can advise you on any export documentation that may be required by customs authorities in both the U.S. and your destination country. This usually involves a power of attorney form, title/registration papers and export permit. Confirm paperwork submission deadlines as some documents need advance processing time. Failure to provide necessary documentation could delay your vehicle’s release once it reaches the foreign port.

Transportation Services – Insurance Coverage

Most transportation companies offer cargo insurance to cover damage or loss that may occur while your vehicle is in transit. This is important as the company’s liability is limited without additional coverage. Carefully review policy details on covered situations, deductibles and claim procedures. You may also want to double check your personal vehicle insurance provides any international coverage needed.

Shipping Method Options

Method Description
Ocean Freight Large cargo ships transport multiple vehicles in shipping containers across oceans. Cheaper but longer 2-4 week transit time.
Rail Transport Vehicle transported on specially-designed auto-racks along railway systems. Faster 1-2 weeks compared to ocean but more costly.
Road Transport Vehicle driven overseas by transport company drivers. Quickest 5-10 days delivery but most expensive shipping method.

Arrangements For Delivery At Destination

Before your vehicle ships out, make plans for its arrival overseas. This involves coordinating customs clearance, vehicle registration transfer if needed, and secure temporary or long-term vehicle storage. Your transportation provider can help facilitate these import processes too. Have all paperwork and remaining funds ready in order to promptly retrieve your car once it docks at the destination port.

Transportation Services – Tracking Your Shipment

Reputable car shipping companies offer online shipment tracking portals. This allows you to monitor your vehicle’s movement and estimated arrival schedule as it progresses by sea, rail or road from collection to destination drop-off point. Real-time location updates let you prepare for inspections and help track the transportation in case any issues occur during transit.

With careful preparation and choosing a professional vehicle export carrier, students can feel assured their automobiles will be delivered safely overseas. Following the advisable steps makes for a smooth car transport experience despite the geographic distance involved. Do not hesitate to contact your shipping company with any questions during the process.